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City of Dallas

All Dallas residents pay the same monthly fee for trash and recycling no matter how much trash they discard. Households that produce just one or two bags of trash weekly are paying the same amount as those overusing the bulk trash program and filling their bins to the brim.

Dallas households that produce less trash are simply overpaying for city services. More than one-third of the residential trash bill in Dallas goes toward costs associated with the optional bulk trash and brush collection program. One city survey found that 27% of households did not even use this program over a six-month period—despite paying over $100 annually to pay for it.

Dallas should give its residents the ability to pay less for trash services when those residents produce less trash. Dallas should also make changes to its bulk and brush program to ensure we are maximizing the use of compostable materials, which can be reused in parks, gardens, and farms.

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City of Denton

The City of Denton filed a permit application with the state environmental agency (TCEQ) to expand its landfill over 200 feet high. This proposed permit is getting close to completion, and we’re asking Denton residents to let the city council know that we would rather recycle and reduce our waste than keep growing the landfill.

The vast majority of Denton apartments and businesses to not have basic recycling services, and these establishments produce a large portion of the city’s waste footprint. Denton also imports enormous amounts of trash from nearby cities and businesses. Imported trash is disposed at a discounted rate, so residents within the City of Denton are actually paying a lot more to dispose of trash than those living outside the city.

Denton could greatly reduce its landfill impact by making adjustments to trash import prices, and expanding waste reduction, recycling and composting services that are offered within the city.

Sign this petition to let Denton city leaders know that you support Zero Waste policies, reduced trash imports, and that you do not want a trash mountain to be permitted in the city!

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City of Arlington

Arlington City Council passed an ordinance in June 2018 that ensures all new apartment buildings will provide recycling to multi-family residents, almost 20 years after providing recycling services to Arlington single-family neighborhoods.

The council’s recycling policy doesn’t apply to any apartments built before 2018–where more than 100,000 residents already live. We are asking Arlington officials to expand recycling no matter where people live, including all apartment buildings.

Sign this petition to send a personalized message to the Arlington Mayor and City Council to say we need recycling for all existing apartment residents. Also, tell them we need to begin composting the residential brush materials that are set out in neighborhoods instead of dumping them in the city’s landfill!

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